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Refunds & Returns

Refunds & Returns Policies:

We understand that sometimes we need to return something we purchased.  If you want to to return a product that has not been opened, please send back the product within 15 days of the day you received the product. When processing a return because a customer no longer wants the item we calculate the full total of the order and refund the amount minus the cost we paid to ship. For example if the total cost plus shipping was $100, and it cost us $6.53 to ship we will refund your full order of $93.47. 

If the product is not working because manufacturer defect we will refund your full purchase price, including shipping that was paid. 

If you want to return a product and you paid for shipping, we will not refund shipping unless the product is defective.

We test all products for defectiveness. If it is not defective we will send it back to you.

Most products like consoles have serial numbers, we record serial numbers for items shipped to ensure that no fraud takes place when returning an order.

Our Quality Packing Products:

I am telling you, we only use the best packing material. U-line brand products are the best in the industry, they follow all shipping guidelines that FedEx and UPS take into account for insurance claims. 

We are all about: Speed, Reliability, Accuracy, and Assurance.


We want the products to arrive so quickly that it will surprise the customer of how quick it arrived. We Ship Same Business Day. 


We want to be reliable enough for you to tell your friends about us, and if you do, here is a coupon code; "Acebeach10" for $10 off your purchase of $200 or more.


We want to ship you the right products. For Example: When the box packer forgets to ship a complete order because they were lazy, we hate that because it costs us more money. So we want to be accurate and we strive at it daily.


We make assurances at AceBeach that we always ship new products. We DO NOT! ship used stuff. OR refurbished.

Graphic Card Purchases:

All orders for Graphics Cards need to be purchased using the following payment options: Amazon Pay, BitPay or CoinBase Commerce.

Graphics Cards orders not using these methods of payment, will be cancelled and an email will be sent notifying the customer of this policy.