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Venom Steel Disposable Gloves - 50 Latex Gloves (One Size Fits Most)

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Venom Steel Disposable Gloves - 50 Nitrile Gloves (One Size Fits Most)

When you demand the most comfortable heavy-duty protection, you need Venom Steel flexible flexible fit industrial latex gloves. These gloves are over 70% thicker than typical latex gloves. This 8 mil latex glove provides great puncture resistance, as well as protection against some chemicals better than nitrile.

  • Venom Steel industrial latex gloves have an 8 mil thickness and have textured fingertips
  • Premium latex material resists rips and tears and protects your hands from grease, grime, dirt, and chemicals contained in ketones, acetones and more
  • Great for handling heavy tools and materials used for building, automotive, landscaping, and industrial tasks
  • With form-fitting design and excellent flexibility, they provide a comfortable fit to help you work efficiently for extended periods
  • Powder-free and ambidextrous