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What do you get in a Small Pikmi Pop Surprise?

1 Sweet Scented Plush

What do you get in a Medium Pikmi Pop Surprise?

2 Sweet Scented Plush and 3 Surprises Inside.  

Meet some little lush, plush friends full of scent and surprises! Pikmi Pops Surprise are the cutest little characters just waiting to pop out and shower you with surprises! You just don't know who will appear before your very eyes! Every Medium Pikmi Pop Surprise Pack has 2 Sweet Scented Plush friends inside for you to meet plus 3 surprise items! As well as 2 surprise messages to make you laugh and 3 dangler strings so they can hang out with you! Every Small Pikmi Pop Surprise has 1 Scented Plush friend inside for you to meet plus 1 surprise message and 1 dangler string! Look out for the fluffy and shiny Pikmi Pops. There are over 50 Pikmi Pops to collect (each sold separately). Don't just pick one, pick a lot and unwrap the surprises in your Pikmi Pops!

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