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Skylanders Giants: Molten Hot Dog (Collectible)

Skylanders Giants: Molten Hot Dog (Collectible)
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Product Description

Hot Dog's main attack is Firebark, which has him shooting fireballs from his mouth and tail, and he has a primary combo where he shoots three fireballs at once. He can summon a wall of fire that travels straightforward to push and damage enemies; it can also be can be held on the Attack 2 button to be used as a shield for incoming enemies. His third attack, the Comet Slam, flips him in the air spinning and then slamming down upon enemies for massive damage.

Hot Dog is generally a medium-long range fighter with powerful attacks. However, his health and armor stats are very low, which ties him with Gill Grunt for the lowest armor in the game, making Hot Dog not as useful for battling enemies with stronger attacks.

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