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Skylanders Giants: Bash (Series 2)

Skylanders Giants: Bash (Series 2)
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Not much is known about Bash's personality, but it's mentioned that he's slightly sensitive about his inability to fly. When in game, he constantly wiggles his tail, which could indicate he's either a very nervous or a very playful dragon.


Bash spent most of his early dragonhood staring into the sky, watching the flying creatures of Skylands soar amongst the clouds. Determined to join them, he learned how to curl himself into a ball and roll with incredible momentum in a vain attempt to take flight. Over the years, his skin hardened, forming a natural protective armor unlike any other creature. He now thunders through Skylands, leaving a wake of destruction against any who threaten it. Despite his thick skin, he still gets a bit touchy about his inability to fly.


From an early age there was something that set Bash apart. He was a dragon without wings! But Bash wasn't content to sit around feeling sorry for himself. He would curl up into a tight ball and make a terrific take-off. His speed as he careered across the plains was something to behold - and the more he rolled, the rougher and tougher his skin became. Then the dark day came. A huge flying machine was catching Bash's dragon friends in massive nets. Fired up with fury, he curled up and chased it to the very edge of his floating island. There, Bash launched himself like a bouncing bomb and busted through the side of the airship, creating a colossal hole for his friends to escape through. Having witnessed the entire event through his portal, Master Eon was blown away by Bash's courage and loyalty and made him a Skylander on the spot.[1] During his time as a Skylander, Bash still longed for the ability to fly. One night, he made a wish that he could fly, and without warning, he saw a shooting star fall from the sky and land in a nearby valley. Bash invesitgated the crashsite and saw a gem-like dragon named Flashwing emerging from a large geode that was the falling star. The earth dragon immediately became attracted to Flashwing. But when he approached her, Flashwing attacked Bash, not knowing whether he was friend or foe, sending the earth dragon flying off of the cliff they were on, and ironically fulfilling Bash's wish to fly.

Power Stats: Series 2 Bash

Strength: 90

Agility: 40

Defense: 100

Luck: 45

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