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Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril for 3DS

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril
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Product Description

When the villainous Doctor Doom and Loki attacked the space-faring Silver Surfer, his board's shattered remains rained down upon an unsuspecting Earth. Now the race is on to recover the powerful Cosmic Bricks that once comprised the board as Nick Fury gathers the Earth's mightiest heroes to recover them - all before Loki, Doctor Doom and their cabal of villains can assemble their Super Weapon and take over the world. Meanwhile, Silver Surfer's master, the planet-eating Galactus, comes in search of his Herald and his next meal... Earth.

Battle the forces of evil with a myriad of powers like super-strength, flight, and invisibility at your disposal

45 action-packed missions range across the breadth of the Marvel Universe

Use fast-pace combat and activate Super Moves like Hulk's Thunder Clap and Iron Man's Arc Reactor.

Complete challenges and earn awesome rewards

Get super powered assistance from tag team partners or take full control of them in Free Play

Enjoy the game with Touchscreen functionality.

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